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Kitchel-Lindquist-Hartger Dunes Preserve is owned and operated by the City of Ferrysburg

Dunes Preserve Board

Eric Snyder: Chairperson

Christine Marshall: Vice Chairperson

Janet Freund: Treasurer

Craig Bessinger: Recording Secretary

Jake Stearley: City Council Representative 

Garry Post: Board Member

Nancy Jensen: Board Member

Carol Sanchez: Board Member

City Council

Scott Blease: Mayor

Timothy O'Donnell: Mayor Pro Tem

Jerry Sias

Debbie Murdoch

Bill Cate

William Montgomery

Richard Carlson

Craig Bessinger: City Manager

Jessie Wagenmaker: City Clerk


Constance and Gerald Lindquist

Marjorie Hendricks

Harold Hartger

Drs. Mary and John Kitchel

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