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About the KLH Dunes Preserve

115 acres of protected dunes, forest, and wetlands await you at the preserve. This beautiful location encompasses the unique freshwater dune ecology that exists only on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. Founded in 1971 when Constance and Gerald Lindquist along with Harold Hartger donated 60 acres to The Nature Conservancy, the preserve has only grown since then. Today it is owned and operated by the City of Ferrysburg and remains a hidden gem of West Michigan that promotes education, research, and conservation. 

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Latest Projects


  Thanks to the generosity of the Michigan Invasive Species Grant Program and Sustain Our Great Lakes Program, the KLH Dunes Preserve received funding for the treatment of hemlock trees (Tsuga canadensis) against hemlock wooly adelgids (Adelges tsugae). Hemlock wooly adelgids are insects that suck sap and nutrients from hemlock trees, which causes needle, shoot, and branch death; left untreated, the entire tree may die. Protection of hemlock trees is crucial to dune stabilization and providing habitat for other residents in the dune ecosystem. 
crew from Ottawa Conservation District treated the hemlock trees at the preserve with insecticides on May 18th and June 5th of this year. We are excited for the dunes ecosystem to become healthier and thrive from this project.



20001 Berwyck St, Grand Haven, MI 49417

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